Thursday, October 27, 2011

DJ Scrill talks about Record Pools, gives advice to new artists and discusses Mr. Boom Boom Bang's Mixtape The Big Bang 2

The Giant Blast:  How long have you been spinning?
DJ Scrill:  I have been spinning for almost 18 years off and on.  My Grandmother purchased my first set of turntables and a mixer for my 15th birthday and I have been grinding ever since.

What inspired you to want to DJ?
Hip hop itself and seeing cats like Jazzy Jeff and Kid Capri do their thing.  Those guys were some of the pioneers in my early years and I wanted to cut, scratch and be the life of the party like they did.

You are a member of Slip-N-Slide DJs, Future Star DJs, Lord Gang, Derrty DJs and Shadyville DJs are you a member of any other record pools or DJ coalitions?
My other DJ affiliations are 704 DJs which is based in the Carolinas and the A&R DJs coalition.

How do you feel about digital record pools such as Digi Waxx or The Giant Blast?
Digital record pools are key because we are in a digital age. Vinyl is very limited now and even what we mix on now is primarily digital with Mp3’s. So digital pools give you access to get what’s hot immediately and direct from download.

You also do promotion and marketing for artists yourself, correct?  Could you tell us a little more about the services you provide?
That is correct I do marketing and promotions. I specialize in mixtape promotion and production, commercial and internet radio promotion and viral and social networking. Anything relating to promoting and developing brands I either do personally or I can consult and point someone in the right direction to achieve their goal.

What projects or mixtapes are you currently working on?
Right now I have the Big Bang 2 mixtape with Mr. Boom Boom Bang that is out in the streets right now.  I am working on a new series called Unauthorized that will be released in the very near future.  Both artists on my label will be releasing street albums as well.  Rod D will be dropping I Am Arkansas early November 2011 and 2 Piece Effortless Win is scheduled for late 3rd quarter as well.

How did you link up with Mr. Boom Boom Bang?
The situation with Mr. Boom Boom Bang came about because I have known his management for a good minute. They hit me up to work with them on pushing his single “Fasure” which is blazing at mix show as we speak and we decided to couple that with the Mixtape.

What would you like to say about Mr. Boom Boom Bang's mixtape hosted by yourself, The Big Bang 2?
The Big Bang 2 mixtape is a monumental project for Mr. Boom Boom Bang. The tape really puts his creativity and movement in the forefront.  The Big Bang 2 was one of those projects that I look at now and say “yeah, that project made sense”. When you can work a project from a single to a complete street album and have the people in charge work as a cohesive unit, magic tends to happen at that point.

In your personal opinion what is one of your favorite Mr. Boom Boom Bang songs?
One of my personal favorites off the Big Bang 2 Mixtape is “Your Day”.  It is one of those smooth records that speaks to the ladies. That is always a win in my opinion when you make records that the female persuasion can enjoy.

Who are some of your favorite artists right now?
On the main stream side I would say Yo Gotti, Lil Chuckee, 2 Chainz, Dorrough Music. Independent artists of course Mr. Boom Boom Bang, J-Slim, Rod D, 2 Piece, LA Da Boom Man the lists goes on and on.  Any artists who are out there doing their thing are my favorites ya dig.

What are some mistakes you see up and coming artists making right now, and what  advice would you give them?
 The biggest mistake I see artists making is spending money with the wrong people to promote them.  Artists are letting people sell them dreams and some people take advantage of indies that don’t know the game.  Another mistake is artists attempting to cut the DJ out of the loop.  The DJ spins your record and most of the time can work your record.  Overcharging the DJ whether it be shows or to get on remix records etc. is a huge mistake.  In a lot of cases you need to do it for the DJ on a trade off or promo type situation, real talk.

In your opinion which is the worst kind of artist, an artist with no talent but a lot of drive and financial backing to promote themselves, OR a very talented artist with no money, and doesn't believe in investing into marketing and promotion, and believes that they will make it on just talent alone?  Which one of these artists in your opinion is the worst to deal with or is in the worst position?
The worst to deal with is going to be the artist with a lot of financial backing and no talent. That is because all the money in the world can help push to a certain level but the artist has to have the talent and creativity to make a hit record.  It starts with the music first.   If the music is garbage expect the end result to be just that “Hot Garbage”.  The artist in the worst position is the artist with talent and no funding.  This is the music business that you are trying to make it in.  The music business takes funding to properly succeed.  That is just the bottom line of the issue. You have to have some sort of budget to achieve being able to recoup what you put in not just financially but with your time and effort as well.

What's in the future for DJ Scrill?
You can expect DJ Scrill to continue to do what he does best. That is being and all around music industry professional.  In the coming months and years DJ Scrill will be building the “Dj Scrill” brand and attempting to insure the success of the artists on his label and any and all other artists and individuals he works with.

Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs or links you would like to plug?
God, First of all.  I would also like to shout out my grandmother Edelca (Pronounced E-Del-Sa) for raising me and getting me my first tables. Without her I couldn’t have got started. Shout out to My mother Wanda, my wife Mrs. Scrill, and my two beautiful daughters. Also shouts to everyone who supports DJ Scrill and all his endeavors. 

DJ Scrill 
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