Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Giant Blast Spotlight: Kandy Kash

The Giant Blast:  Why do you call yourself Kandy Kash?
Kandy Kash:  Because I'm all about that SWEET MONEY!!

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I am very in your face and real.  Kinda rough around the edges. Very diverse. Hood with a sexy twist.

What type of beats bring out the best in Kandy Kash?
Down south hood bangers and upbeat club hits.

Speaking of beats what producers are you currently working with?
J-Mo of Trak Killaz, Young K of Big Dread ENT and Superstar-O.
Who would you like to work with that you haven't worked with so far?
This is a list that is never-ending. From artists to producers there are 100's of people I want to work with!!  Like T.I., Lil Wayne, Kesha, Timbaland, Usher and Kanye West to name a few.

Not only are you an artist, but you are also an Adult Model, do you separate the two or do you use one profession to cross promote the other?
Exactly!!  Why try to be 2 separate entities or forces when I'm only 1 person!!? I just happen to be involved in many things, and there is much more than just music & adult modeling.  There is also poetry, apparel and mainstream acting. There is no limit to the amount of Kandy one can intake.

What has been some of the highlights of your career as an adult actress and rapper?
Opening up for major artists like T-Pain and Young Bloods, traveling all over the country, being nominated for Best Amateur Poet Worldwide 4 years in a row by The ISP (International Society of Poetry) and being published in Great Poems of The Western World. With many more accomplishments to come!!

What has been on of your worst experiences in the entertainment industry and how did you learn from it?
(laughs)  There has been a lot of bad experiences I've come across in this business, but to keep it short and sweet, being promised something that was never to be or sold a dream. This happens a lot in this industry so ladies be aware!! But i've learned to cross my t's, dot my i's and never be scared to ASK QUESTIONS!!  If something doesn't seem right, is out of place or is not adding up.. It is probably bogus!!

What would you like your fans to know about Kandy Kash that hasn't been covered in this interview?
I do so many things and again, there is no limit to the amount of Kandy one can intake on a daily basis so to find links to ALL my websites, music, apparel, porn and everything else.. Go check out my blog and make sure you subscribe to me!!

Is there anything you would like to plug, any shout outs?
Yea shout out to all my homies from the A-List, the Alliance, Trak Killaz Studios, Big Dread ENT, Suga D,, Game Tite Records, Mad Dogg @ Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Sir Step and everyone else who is in my corner and who is here for me throughout this journey of mine!! I love yall!!



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